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Table of Contents from 2006 CWIM

From the Editor

GETTING STARTED (Basic information, repeated every year)
Just Starting?
Some Quick Tips for Writers & Illustrators
How to Use This Book
Before Your First Sale
Running Your Business
The Basics for Writers & Illustrators

Research for Fiction Writers: Hitting the Books & the Web, by Lauren Mosko
Getting Back in the Saddle for a Tough Revision, by Christine Kole MacLean
Repeat Performances: Reprints & Reslants, by Sue Bradford Edwards
Surviving in the Ever-Changing Publishing Biz, by Candice Ransom
Tackling Tough Topic in YA Lit, by Lauren Mosko
Authors Rise to the Challenge of Censorship, by Kelly Milner Halls
Writing for the School & Library Market, by JoAnn Early Macken
Holiday Books: A Hungry, Hearty Children's Niche, by Kelly Milner Halls
The Page Is the Thing: An Adult Author Takes on Picture Books, by Heather Sellers
Adult Writers Cross Over to YA Lit, by Kelly Milner Halls
Skateboard Mom's Guide to Self-Promotion, by Barb Odanaka
Six Lession I Learned from Paula Danziger, by Greg Fishbone
First Books, by Mona Michael:

Books Publishers

Insider Reports:

Yuyi Morales, illustrator & author: Critique groups, culture & the creative process
Amy Timberlake, picture book author: Author breaks in with a (dirty) tale from her family lore
Bruce Hale, author, mid-grade mystery series:Cartoonist turned series author gets kids connected with books
Linda Zinnen, author, mid-grades: A small-town girl's publishing adventure
Peter McCarty, illustrator & author: Create the images you want to see
Jarrett J. Krosoczka, illustrator & author: Showcasing work on the Web
John Peters, supervising librarian, Donnell Children's Library in NYC: Librarian reveals what he and young readers want
Deborah Brodie, editor Roaring Brook Press: Says the seasoned editor: Revision is the best part

Canadian & International Book Publishers

Insider Report: Mireille Messier, children's magazine writer: Always be on the lookout for ideas
Greeting Cards, Puzzles & Games
Play Publishers & Producers
Young Writer's & Illustrator's Markets

Art Reps
Insider Report: Jennie Dunham, agent, Dunham Literary: Stewarding good books through the business of publishing
Clubs & Organizations
Conferences & Workshops
SCBWI Conferences
Other Conferences

Contests, Awards & Grants
Insider Report: Roxyanne Young, W.I.N. contest director: Contest helps open publishing doors for talented writers
Helpful Books & Publications
Useful Online Resources

Age-Level Index
Subject Index
Photography Index
General Index

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