Sample Illustrator Guidelines:

Typical provisions in the guidelines of a publisher of hardcover children's books:

Before you contact us, we suggest that you review our already published books through your local library, a well-stocked bookstore, or an online bookseller to get a sense of what kind of illustration styles we find appropriate for our young readers. You may also request one of our catalogs, (if available) by sending an 8"x10" self-addressed, stamped, envelope with 4 oz. postage.

We have a portfolio dropoff day on _______. You may drop off a portfolio with the receptionist any time before 11 and pick it up again after 4. Please call ahead to make sure that the Art Director will be in that day.

You are welcome to mail any samples you would like us to review or keep on file. We will circulate them and individual editors or designers may contact you if they wish to see more. One to four samples are sufficient. One black-and-white (if you work in b&w), and three in color are preferable. Good quality photocopies are fine. You may send a book "dummy" if you wish to showcase your ability to create a picture book.

Do not send original art. Slides may be submitted, but are not as convenient to view as printed samples. Do not submit samples on CD-ROM or other computer format; even if we have the necessary hardware and software to view them, we may not have the time or company permission to access them. For similar reasons, we are not reviewing online portfolios or WWW sites.

If your work includes the ability to illustrate various types of people, landscapes, objects, or if you work in various mediums or styles, please include a mix of these capabilities. (However, please limit your style submissions to two or three.)

Identify each sample sent with your name, address, and phone number. Also include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (in the appropriate size) if you request returns.

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