Book, Magazine, and Other Resources

From The CIG to Publishing Children's Books, 3rd Edition

Appendix B: Compiled by Harold Underdown


This list is based on the Resource Guide in the Appendix of the third edition of my Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's Books. It includes more books than in the print version, and descriptions that do not appear in the print version. It has been enhanced with hyperlinks direct to web sites and book pages on (for purchase or just for information--if you prefer to buy elsewhere, I have created a page of suggested bookstores).

Contents of each section:

Books on Writing: There are many books on writing, some inspirational, some practical. This list gives a choice of a wide range of approaches.

Books on Illustrating: This list includes all the books on children's book illustration I know of, and some more general illustration resources.

Books About Books: Learn more about the field of children's literature and find guidance in locating the books which will inspire you.

Reference Books: This section includes both general reference books used in publishing (dictionaries and the like) and reference books specific to children's publishing, such as guides to publishers.

Magazines, Organizations, and Websites: Here are other resources, from useful magazines to recommended websites.

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