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I created this list to support a presentation, "Ebooks and Children's Books: Past, Present, and Future," that I made at the Highlights Writer's Workshop on July 20, 2011. Most recent update: September 25.

News and Information

Kid's Ebook Bestsellers: A site dedicated to gathering bestseller information and interviewing authors.

Top iPad Book Sellers: A listing of iPad bestsellers --typically dominated by (mass market) children's books.

Book and Ebook Sales for 1st 1/2 of 2011: Ebooks up, adult hardcover down, children's not so affected.

Kidlit Apps: A site dedicated to reviews and discussion of children's book apps.

The Children's Digital Market Is Consolidating: In late 2011, big companies are moving in, making alliances.

Ebooks: How far? How fast?: Dominique Raccah of Sourcebooks shows that in 2011, different segments of the ebook market are growing at different rates.

BEA 2011: New Kobo and Other Points Rise Up at IDPF: Ebook reader and other news from BEA.

BEA 2011: Print Not Dead Yet: General news from BEA.

Children's Books: Facts and Figures 2010: Bestseller numbers from PW for 2010, breaking out ebooks for the first time--not as high as in adult, but growing.

Literary Agencies as Publishers: an Accelerating Trend: A new development in 2010/2011, facilitated by ebooks.

Opinions and Predictions

What We Know and What We Don't Know: Mike Shatzkin's extremely good summary of the state of affairs at the end of September 2011, nearly 4 years into the ebook "revolution."

The Death of Books Has Been Greatly Exaggerated: An interesting look at the situation in the UK in August 2011, with implications for the US.

Tim Ferriss's Deal with Amazon Is Both an Outlier and a Harbinger: Mike Shatzkin, industry guru, comments on a big deal in August 2011.

Are Ebooks Any Good?: An opinionated overview of what's available for children, from a librarian's perspective, in June 2011.

The World of Children's Apps: A Shake-Up?: How the app market might evolve, from April 2011.

The Future of Reading: Don't Worry, It Might Be Better than You Think: A thought piece from 2010 by YA writer John Green.

Book Publishers: Stop Scaring Me: A writer warns that publishers are ignoring parallels with the music industry, in early 2010.

Apple's Disruption of the Ebook Market Has Nothing to Do with the Tablet: Comments from Mike Shatzkin, who understood as early as January 2010 that the "agency model" was important.

A Book Is Not a CD: My take on the parallels, or not, between print publishing and the music business.

The Future of Media Round Table: A September 2008 discussion about the future of publishing, as ebooks began their rise.

The End of Microsoft Reader: Microsoft gives up on their Windows-based ereader (similar in appearance to Kindle): once predicted to replace a large chunk of the print book market by 2010.

Off into the Details

I Publish, Therefore I Am Invisible: One author's experience with selling an ebook.

The Three Little Pigs and the Secrets of a Pop-up Book: A book trailer for an impressive children's book app.

The newsonomics of Netflix and the digital shift: This focuses on magazines and newspapers, but there are further implications for books: when print runs shrink, unit costs go up.

The Rise of the 99-cent Kindle Ebook: A development with disturbing consequences?

Fiction Vs. Nonfiction Ebook Pricing: A look at pricing practices in the Kindle store in April 2011.

Written in stone: editing OP books for reissue as print books: Some thoughts from an author on putting an OP book into ebook form: other related articles on this site too.

Eisler's decision (to self-publish via ebook): A thoughtful and lengthy discussion about the decision of a midlist adult author to self-publish.

I hope you have found this page and this site useful. Please visit The Purple Crayon Bookstores page to find some recommended bookstores and to learn how to support this site while doing your usual online shopping. Thank you.

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