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These articles look at specific children's book genres, with a focus on writing them. Some of the interviews on this site also discuss writing for a specific genre. These materials are posted on this site for free individual and non-commercial use. They are provided as a public service. Out of respect for their creators, please follow our copyright policy.

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Picture Books/Board Books:
bulletHelp! The Writing Process of The Dirty Cowboy: by Amy Timberlake--a case study about the creation of a picture book.
Writing Picture Books: The Basics by Margot Finke
bulletWriting Picture Books by Ann Whitford Paul: A review new
bulletPicture Book Manuscripts and Illustrations
bulletPicture Books and Easy Readers
(from my Complete Idiot's Guide)
Rhyming Picture Books: For Those Who Must by Margot Finke
bulletBreaking the Rules for Picture Book Manuscripts (Blog entry)

bulletWriting and Publishing Board Books

Novels and Books with Chapters:
bulletBooks with Chapters and Collections (from my Complete Idiot's Guide)

bulletWriting a Middle-Grade Masterpiece by Margot Finke
bulletSelf-editing Your Middle-Grade Novel by Margot Finke

bulletWriting Young Adult and Children's Science Fiction & Fantasy: Make the Impossible Possible by Marnie Brooks

Nonfiction and Historical Fiction:
bulletOpen Minds: Nonfiction for the Very Young by Patricia Pfitsch
bulletNonfiction for the Library Market (Blog entry)
bulletDefining Historical Fiction (Blog entry)

Other Formats and Genres:
bulletYA Books Are Booming--but not That Much: A response to an Atlantic Monthly article. new
bulletTargeting the Emergent Reader by Joan Broerman
bulletPoetry for Children: Choosing the Format by Charles Ghigna
bulletResearching the Folktale by Aaron Shepard
bulletWriting for Children's Magazines by Donna Freedman
bulletWriting Mysteries for Children's Magazines by Donna Freedman
bulletWriting Multicultural Children's Books
bulletChildren's Ebooks (Blog entry)

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