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These interviews discuss the craft, the business, and the many challenges of working in children's books. These materials are posted on this site for free individual and non-commercial use. They are provided as a public service. Out of respect for their creators, please follow our copyright policy.

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bulletThe World Doesn't Need Another Rhyming Tooth Fairy Story: A Conversation with Agent Andrea Brown by Anna Olswanger
bulletAn Interview with Author James Deem by Juanita Havill
bulletWriting as an Act of Discovery: A Conversation with Juanita Havill by Anna Olswanger
bulletAn Interview with Norton Juster, Author of The Phantom Tollbooth by RoseEtta Stone
bulletNo Elephants in the Second Act: A Conversation with Playwright Joanna Kraus by Anna Olswanger
bulletSelf-Promotion for the Children's Book Author: A Conversation with John Kremer by Anna Olswanger
bulletEditor as Writer: A Conversation with Arthur A. Levine by Anna Olswanger
A Discussion with Bookseller, Book Reviewer, Novelist, and Poet Corey Mesler by RoseEtta Stone
Smart Self-Publishing: an Interview with Lucas Miller
Self-Publisher or Small Press: an Interview with Joi Nobisso
A Discussion with Lisa Rojany-Buccieri, a Book Doctor by RoseEtta Stone
bulletMen, Boys, and Books: A Conversation with Stephen Mooser by Anna Olswanger
bulletThe Object Is that Bloody Book: A Conversation with Booksmith Barry Moser by Anna Olswanger
bulletFor the Love of Story: A Conversation with Jacqueline Ogburn by Anna Olswanger
bulletMr. O'Malley, Sign My Shoe: A Conversation with Illustrator Kevin O'Malley by Anna Olswanger
bulletThe Training Ground of Series Nonfiction: A Conversation with Editor Frank Sloan by Anna Olswanger
bulletGood Books Need Good Marketers: A Conversation with Publicity/Promotions Manager Donna Spurlock by Anna Olswanger
bulletInterview with Packager Patricia Stockland by Melissa Higgins new!
bulletAuthors Need Someone on Their Side: A Conversation with Literary Agent Ann Tobias by Anna Olswanger
bulletOur Readers Are Intelligent and Savvy: A Conversation with Girl's Life Editor Kelly White by Anna Olswanger
bulletA Review and a Discussion with Jane Yolen, Author by RoseEtta Stone

Editor Profiles: A supplement to my CIG to Publishing Children's Books

Interviews with me--some of these links will take you to other sites:
bullet An Interview with Independent Editor Harold Underdown--with Jennifer Swanson of the Mixed-Up Files blog (April 2013) new!
bullet Five for the Record--questions from the Idiot's Guide people (May 2011)
bullet My thoughts on marketing--a blog interview (March 2009)
bullet My thoughts on ebooks--a blog interview (March 2009)
bullet Transcript of an Online Chat Hosted by the ICL (May 2008): The new edition of my Idiot's Guide, my work, and many questions answered.
bullet Cynthia Leitich Smith's Interview with Me from Cynsations (May 2007)
bulletAn Online Chat Hosted by the ICL (June 2004)
bulletThe Editor as Reader by Louise Jordan (fall 2002)
bulletAn Interview with Me from Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market (2002)
bulletA 2001 Interview by Barbara Odanaka.
bulletA 1997 Interview by Debbie Ridpath Ohi.

Tips for a Successful Interview by Donna Freedman: guidance for conducting an interview

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