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Picture (Book) Perfect
"Musings" - June 2007

by Margot Finke

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It seems that everyone and their Aunt Fanny wants to write a picture book: especially if Aunty is a famous movie star or pop singer. With this in mind, I thought I would offer a refresher course on the Do’s and Don’ts of picture book writing.

First: If you are famous, you can afford to take writing classes, and learn the craft, before you subject the children of the world to your prose. For those of you who are decidedly un-famous (at least for now), have a day job, not much writing time, and a burning need to write for children, read on. . .

Learn the Basic "Stuff":

Help is at Hand:

Being a part of the Computer Generation is a huge asset. The Internet is chock full of resources for writers, both good and bad. Sift through them until you find what you need to become a great picture book writer. All of the following can be found with the click of a mouse:

To glean further writing insights, visit "Writing Information for Children’s Writers." You will find many links to helpful articles, other websites, and HOW-TO information.

The Facts of (Writing) Life:

Like any other career, writing is a craft that must be learned. Wonderful picture books, full of delightful illustrations, and magical words, do not hit the store shelves by themselves. It takes talent, time, patience, feedback from a good critique group, umpteen rewrites, luck, and that one thing every picture book needs: an editor who thinks your book is worth publishing!

Patience is another attribute writers need by the cart-load.


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