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Procrastination--Are You Guilty?
"Musings" - May 2007

by Margot Finke

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If your dirty little secret is Procrastination, take heart. You have lots of company! Writers unfortunately seem to inherit an abundance of this "put it off until. . ." gene.

Let’s Look at Six Areas of Your Writing Life Most Affected by Procrastination

Now, Look at the Excuses You Employ to Dodge the Inevitable

Ways to Inoculate Yourself Against Procrastination

Serious Help For the Get-it-done Impaired

B.I.C. is a great start. You can’t write if you aren’t sitting in front of your keyboard. Now for the bad news: there is no wonder drug or cure. You have to jack up your passion to become published, until it is stronger than your "wimp out" gene. Moreover, no one trick works for everyone. You writers must scrounge around and find what works for you.

Oh yeah, I suffer with that lousy gene--in spades! What works best for me, is mentally taking myself by the scruff of the neck, and giving myself a good talking to. This injection of writerly passion and common sense usually keeps procrastination at bay--for a while.

Other De-procrastination Tricks You Can Try (no guarantees)

Words to Write By

Do it now, mate. Your Golden Writing Hour is nigh.


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