From Kevin O'Malley's Resume

1972 Wrote first children's book Tappers, Creakers and Rumbers. (And boy, was it bad!)

1975 Rewrote Tappers, Creakers and Rumbers and submitted it to book publishers. (It was still bad.)

1978 By 12th grade had written and submitted four books to publishers. (You can guess the response).

1984 Creative Director for development of 2500 illustrations for a 60-slide projector show entitled “Anonymous, The Great Bluffer” which was shown in Israel. (It's hard enough being funny in English. Try translating it to Hebrew.)

1986 Created display for the Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institutions. (Learned that historians will not laugh if you draw a cheesy moustache on G. Washington.)

1990 Became a Mr. Mom (Learned another important lesson . . . the little one will not play quietly for four or five hours while Dad's doing a “little work.”)

1991 First book published: Froggy Went A'Courtin'.

(100 Rejection letters later . . . )

1992 Began school visits. (“Mr. O'Malley, sign my shoe.”)

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