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I created this list to support a presentation on social media that Emma D. Dryden of drydenbks and I made at the 40th annual National SCBWI Conference in Los Angeles in early August, 2011.

General Principles

Blogs, Twitter, Websites, and More: Connecting to Young Readers through Social Media: A good overview.

Build Diversity into Your Online Presence: Is focusing on one social network dangerous?

It's All About the Social Network: Publishers discuss how they are using social media.

Seven Questions Every Social Media Strategy Must Be Able to Answer: Points to ponder and help you stay focused.

Social Networking: What a Children's Publisher Expects: What you need to do, or not, in this brave new world.

Ten Ways to Kill Your Writing Career Using Social Media: Pitfalls to avoid.

The Unproductive Writer's Guide to Success: You don't have to blog, tweet, update constantly--you do need to keep your followers engaged.

When (or Why) Social Media Fails to Sell Books: What can go wrong, and how to avoid it.


Facebook News Feed Settings: Cracking the Facebook Code: What shows up in a person's news feed on Facebook? Why? Obvious consequences for those using FB to promote.

Is Facebook Relevant for Book Publishers? Are publishers using FB effectively?

Should You Create a Facebook Fan Page? If So, When?: Jane Friedman answers the question.


The Evolution of How I Use Twitter: Jane Friedman discusses how her use of Twitter has changed.

Hootsuite: One of a number of sites (Tweetdeck is another) that make it easier to schedule Tweets, organize your stream, etc.

Ten Twitter Hashtags for Writers: These will get you started. You should also know #kidlit.

Twitter Cheat Sheet: from Jon Reed.

Twitter Topics and Why They Become Popular

Who's Got Pull in the Publishing Twitterverse: A 2010 look at which publishers were using Twitter effectively.

Why 150 Followers Is All You Really Need: Excellent, counter-intuitive post.

Why Teens Don't and Won't Tweet: This suggests using Twitter to reach teens may not work...

The Writer's Guide to Twitter: From Debbie Ridpath Ohi. This is an extremely useful site.


Blogs can be on any topic. Easy to start, easy to drop. Some people have more than one. Examples:

Author Blogging: You're Doing It Wrong: Who is your audience? Blogging should not be a never-ending writer's conference.

Kidlitosphere Central: for information and help, and a good "Sampler" in their Resources section.

Other Topics

5 Ways to Use Book Trailers to Drive Sales

SLJ's Trailee Awards: A description of the award for best book trailers and a list of the latest winners.

Book Video: Not an Oxymoron Anymore: On beyond book trailers.

An Author in Every Classroom: Kate Messner describes how to use Skype to visit a school.

Skype/Virtual Author Visit: How it went: Cynthea Liu discusses her first, and includes links to resources.

Why I'm Loving Google Plus: Perspective of a Writer, Illustrator....: It's early days yet, but Debbie Ridpath Ohi already has something to say about it.

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