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Three Great Things (and More) About Children's Publishing Today

The Purple Crayon Blog February 2013
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A little while ago, one of my followers on Twitter asked me to post the top three things about children's book publishing today, because she was tired of hearing only gloom and doom. I created a hashtag, and asked others to join me. The following is a compilation of the resulting tweets, with retweets eliminated, and some attempt made to sort them into categories. Enjoy, and feel free to post your "great things" on Twitter using #3gr8things.

The Starting Point

HUnderdown: .@FaithHarkey asked me to post "three great things" about #kidlit publishing today, and I'll be posting using hashtag #3gr8things Join in!


JoKnowles: How books make it possible for #kidlit people to help make a difference in kids' lives every day. #3gr8things

moyergirl: Learning that your book initiates dialogue between family members on previously undiscussed topics #3gr8things

lishacauthen: 1. Kidlit today respects its audience's intelligence and humanity. #3gr8things

RobinCleary: New books or old, books still grow minds. #3gr8things

RobinCleary: How books, in several forms, make it possible for children or YA to still be entertained by "story." #3gr8things

KateHattemer: No need to be cynical or jaded to be credible, the mandate of readability, the characters' real & startling ability to change. #3gr8things

traceymcox: Here's mine: 1) Bestest people in the world 2) Dreams come true 3) You really can make a difference in a child's life #3gr8things


HUnderdown: There's more diversity of story, art, and culture in today's US children's and YA lit than ever before. #3gr8things

NathalieMvondo: Indeed, and it's refreshing and exposes children to the broadness of our world. #3gr8things

NathalieMvondo: There are more blogs on cultural diversity in kid lit today than, say, 3 years ago; the word is spread. #3gr8things

NathalieMvondo: Cultural diversity in kidlit is more and more discussed/encouraged in kidlit conferences #3gr8things

NathalieMvondo: Increasing number of movies adapted from kid's books = positive publishing effect on cultural diversity in kidlit. #3gr8things

HeatherNewman12: #3gr8things More independent publishers catering to niche markets which enables a wider variety of stories to reach kids.

amytimberlake: My 3? More room for more voices, more experimentation, and if you just want to "make a book" you can! #3gr8things

Readers and Reading

JoKnowles: The #NerdyBookClub and all the teachers and librarians who help get our books into readers' hands #kidlit #3gr8things

RobinCleary: The magic of books still helps children and YA find a LOVE of reading.#3gr8things

JanniLeeSimner: Booksellers and librarians still champion books because they read them and fell in love with them. #3gr8things

JanniLeeSimner: That moment when a reader you've never met, in a city you've never visited picks up your book & finds something they need in it #3gr8things

MelissaRoske: And more kids r reading! @CynLeitichSmith RT In this post-Potter world more #kidlit authors are making a living than ever before #3gr8things

AileenWStewart: #3gr8things Kids lit can be enjoyed by adults and children alike and word of mouth is still one of the best tools for a writer!

JohansenNewman: Young people still love to read and have a great selection of MG and YA novels, even in the face of countless distractions. #3gr8things

TheFrostLord: Kids are learning that magic, mystery and wonder are all possible through the stories they read. #3gr8things

YA Books and Readers

ElawReads: Challenged by @HUnderdown to tweet #3gr8things about children's + YA lit today. Are you kidding me? Too easy! YA is in a true golden age.

CynLeitichSmith: Questions from teen readers that inspire the next three books you write! #3gr8things

ElawReads: Here's one: Teens are buying and reading more YA than ever before--we're actually kind of hip! Who woulda thunk it? #3gr8things

UweStender: #3gr8things about YA: "real" problems and issues, more energetic and authentic narrative voices, a sense of wonderment/discovery prevails


CynLeitichSmith: The #kidlitosphere is a font of free knowledge for beginning writers & illustrators! #3gr8things

JoKnowles: The #kidlit community and how supportive it is (writers, teachers, librarians interacting and sharing advice/cheers) #3gr8things

Mike_Jung: Authors, illustrators, teachers, booksellers, librarians, & readers can communicate & learn from each other in countless ways. #3gr8things

nikiofware: Children's authors are among the nicest people I know! #3gr8things

TracyAbell: Kidlit writers are Smart, Funny, and Exceedingly Supportive of each other. #3gr8things

Business and Technology

CynLeitichSmith: In the post-Potter world, more #kidlit-#yalit authors are making a living than ever before. #3gr8things

Mike_Jung: The unprecedented ways in which the industry is changing will also provide unprecedented opportunities for new talent to emerge. #3gr8things

Mike_Jung: New technologies allow children's book creators to commiserate, celebrate, communicate, & collaborate with astonishing speed. #3gr8things

JanniLeeSimner 1. Editors still make the time to help turn good books into great ones. #3gr8things

JohansenNewman: Modern technology offers all sorts of wonderful and varied methods for creating picture book art. #3gr8things

JohansenNewman: My friends continue to make picture book sales despite the voices of doom and gloom. #3gr8things

HUnderdown: Ebooks and apps create opportunities in #kidlit today, in spite of the confusion (which will subside). #3gr8things

HUnderdown: Creators can engage w/their audience using social media in ways never before possible (e.g., @realjohngreen ). #3gr8things

jeanreidy: The #kidlit publishing industry is filled with kind and dedicated people, who truly care about a kid's connection with a book. #3gr8things

And a final word, sent to me by Paula Morrow, who is not (yet) on Twitter: The delighted expressions of trick-or-treaters when they discover I'm giving out books instead of Halloween candy.

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