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A Guide to Agents

Resources Listing Literary Agents and Artist's Representatives

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Are you looking for lists of agents? Start with a book! A book contains in one easy-to-use and inexpensive package information that would take you days of work to find online--if you even could find all of that information. Online resources are useful to supplement and update your book. Here are recommended print and online resources, for the US market, except as noted (the links take you to more info. at a specific Amazon or a review on my site. If you prefer to shop at an independent bookstore, just note titles and then go to IndieBound):

General and Adult Publishing:

Children's Books:

Going Without an Agent:

How to Be Your Own Literary Agent: An Insider's Guide to Getting Your Book Published: by Richard Curtis, well-known literary agent. This does not list agents, but it may help you find a way to live without one--and the insights into how publishing works are worth it even if you do have an agent.

Online Resources:

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Finding and Choosing Literary Agents

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