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I am usually happy to receive email from visitors to my site, but ask that you choose the appropriate email address--please scroll down to see the options--and that you first check to see if the information you need is already on my site (my search page might help you find it) or is not something with which I can help.

In the long run, you help yourself and others by doing so. I created and maintain this site on my own, and time I spend answering email is time away from adding to or updating the site. I receive a lot of misdirected email from people who assume that I am a publisher. I am not a publisher. Please do not ask me for book donations or send me manuscripts or illustration samples.

If you just want to receive emails about updates to the sites, see email announcements of site news.

For updates and tidbits of news via Twitter, follow me on Twitter.

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Questions: Do you have a question about children's book publishing to which you can't find the answer on my site, after doing a search, and checking my FAQ file and other information that you can reach from my articles index? Is this a question I can answer? Book recommendations, for example, are best made by librarians. Then write to:

Please note that I may use your question, in its original wording, or perhaps paraphrased, in my FAQ file or in a Q&A Blog that I maintain on the site. If I do, I will remove all personal information. If you do not want your question used in this way, you must say so when you contact me. I will then keep the question and answer private. Since it can't be used to help others, of course, I may not answer private questions in as much detail.

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Comments: Do you have a comment or a suggestion? Is there a WWW site that you want to tell me about (but please note my links policy on my Policies page) or a correction that you would like to offer to the material on my site? Then please contact me at:

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Business: If you wish to contact me on a business matter, first read the information about my services. I speak and give workshops at conferences. I am also available for critiques, or for project editing, or as a consulting editor, but my services are not inexpensive. If you wish to inquire about my availability, please email me at:

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Email newsletter: Would you like to know when I add new material to "The Purple Crayon" or make changes or updates to existing pages? I provide an announcement email list. To subscribe to it, please fill out the form below and click "subscribe." You will be able to unsubscribe or change your preferences at any time using the links in the emails you receive.

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