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General Guides:

Children's and YA Resources by Cynthia Leitich Smith. You will find extensive resources, compiled by a published writer. I don't know how she does it--and she blogs and does interviews too.

The Children's Literature Web Guide
This was the first children's lit resource to go up on the web, with many links and much information. Now, sadly, no longer being updated. Direct links to sub-pages:

bulletResources for Writers and Illustrators
bulletInfo. on Children's Authors
bulletChildren's Book Awards
bulletChildren's Publishers

Resources for Children, Parents, and Teachers: This is a cross-reference to a relevant section of my Reference page.

Children's Bookstores:

I used to list a number of stores here, but they are now on their own page, where you will find bookstores offering new books, used books, out-of-print books, remaindered and other bargain books, and ebooks. All of them offer children's books. If one of them doesn't have the book you seek, it probably isn't available:

Purple Crayon Bookstores

For Writers and Illustrators:

Since this is my site, start with
My archive of articles and other materials, written by me and others
Some of what you will find:

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's Books I wrote this comprehensive guide to children's books for anyone who wants to write or illustrate and publish one. I've posted sample chapters and the complete resource guide--books about writing, reference, web sites, etc.

You should also visit:
bulletSociety of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
The SCBWI Online: visit this site to find out about the organization and the information available to members.
bullet Interesting Personal WWW Sites of Authors and Illustrators
My choices for the sites that best show what can be done with the WWW.
bullet Children's Book Council
Check the CBC Member's List for information and addresses about each publisher.
bullet Tips from Raab Associates
Useful advice from a children's books marketing consultant.
bullet Children's Writing Resource Center
A good site sponsored by Children's Book Insider.
bullet Fiona Bayrock's list of resources on writing nonfiction for children.
bullet Rachelle Burk's Children's Writer's Resources
A relatively new and developing site.
bullet Children's Publisher's Submissions Guidelines
A developing site that could become a very useful resource.

Reviews and bibliographies (a sampling only)

Sites like these are extremely useful if you want to get to know the best books being published today.

bulletDavid K. Brown's Awards page
bulletChildren's Book Awards -- a list I have made of ALA/ALSC/YALSA and other award winners from 2002 through 2007, with links to other resources.
bulletSome books I edited A choice selection, in my opinion.
bulletBulletin of the Center for Children's Books Online
They make entire issues available to download, readable by Adobe Acrobat, also downloadable. Now includes Blue Ribbon Books lists.
bulletThe Horn Book A highly respected source for reviews of the more literary children's books, this site features sample material.
bulletShen's Books and Supplies
Shen's catalog is an excellent multicultural resource, and now it's online.
bulletKay Vandergrift's Page
A site from a professor of children's literature: lots of thoughtful material and excellent bibliographies.
bulletWelcome to Children's Literature This review source takes a themed approach.
bulletThe Scoop Self-described quite accurately as book reviews and more.
bulletNotes from the Windowsill: Wendy E. Betts' electronic children's book reviews.
bullet Notable Social Studies Books for Young People Useful list for SS teachers and others interested in the subject.

Other Useful Destinations:

PW Articles on Children's Books and Bestseller Lists

The Bologna Children's Book Fair: This is the annual book fair that brings together publishers from all over the world.

CSBS Children's Books in Spanish -- a helpful online guide.

TeachingBooks: A very interesting site designed to help teachers link their curricula to children's books, including downloadable interviews with authors and illustrators, curriculum guides, and useful links.

Children's Books Online: the Rosetta Project: a great project to put public domain children's books online. Many are also translated into a number of languages.

Sharyn dot org The feisty personal web site from Sharyn November, a great editor of novels for children.

Examples of WWW Sites for Children's Literature Archives:
There are some amazing collections of children's books out in the real world. Here are the WWW sites of a few of them:

Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature
The de Grummond Children's Literature Collection at USM
Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood: Children's Book Collections
CLRC/Kerlan Collection

Fun Stuff:

Looking Glass for the Mind: 350 Years of Books for Children -- an online exhibit, with lots of books to look at.

The Great Menagerie: The Wonderful World of Pop-Up and Movable Books, 1811-1996 A fascinating on-line version of an exhibit.

Struwwelpeter Text and pictures from an early classic children's book.

Stone Soup Stone Soup is written and illustrated by children--the online version is building an archive of public domain children's books by children.

Favorite Authors:
To be on this list you have to be a favorite from my childhood, so please don't nominate yourself or your recent books. I might put your site on this other list, however.

bulletThe Arthur Ransome Home Page A great British children's writer of the '30's.
bulletThe Moomintroll Home Page All about the books of Tove Jansson.

I hope you have found this page and this site useful. Please visit The Purple Crayon Bookstores page to find some recommended bookstores and to learn how to support this site while doing your usual online shopping. Thank you.

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